A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth


We congratulate you on completion of this series on Teleiology. Hopefully you've grown in your knowledge and application of The Living Word of God.

We encourage you to maintain your spiritual momentum by continuing to study and apply that Word, which now resides in your soul.

If you haven't accessed the Associated Studies on each lesson yet, we encourage you to return to lesson #1 and do so throughout all of the studies. When you have completed that task you will have spend more that 95 hours of study in the Word.

Once again, congratulations and may The Lord richly bless you, now that you are an equipped ambassador for Christ Jesus.








Congratulations on your completion of this series of studies. If you desire a greater depth of knowledge of any of the subjects covered simply return to that lesson and click on the Additional Studies link on the lower portion that page.



We would welcome your feedback on how this series has assisted you in your spiritual growth process and how we might improve on the presentation of the information contained within this site.

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Once again, congratulations and may our Heavenly Father richly bless you and your service for The Lord. Amen and Amen.



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