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Study Aids for Lesson #29

This lesson will continue our seven point study of the Introduction to the Details of Life doctrine.”

  • Last time we began to examine our lesson text by six homiletical points.
  • The unbeliever or carnal believer deals with the details of life from a self-centered motive. (Lk.16:3-8).
  • Very often the details of life are connected with good deeds, in spite of the selfish motives to acquire and
    give them (Lk.16:4-8).
  • Sometimes the unbeliever’s use of his details of life, for good, gives testimony against the apathetic
    believer (Lk.16:9, 14)
  • The details of life can be used in the Plan of God for training in faithfulness. (Lk.16:10-12)
  • CONCLUSION: It is not wrong to possess certain details of life. Rather it is one’s attitude and value of life
    placed upon them that could be wrong.





Lesson #29

Details of Life, (02)

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Lesson #30


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