A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth

Study Aids for Lesson #24

This lesson will study five aspects of the doctrine of "Forgive as Forgiven".

  • The Greek word that Paul used to teach "forgive as forgiven" was charizomai rather than aphiemi.
  • While all eight super grace virtues are important to maintaining healthy relationships, Paul emphasized three virtues that needed to be "front and center" in the Church of Colossi.
  • Principle: The offended spiritually mature believer must become a spiritual "first responder".
  • Learning to forgive as forgiven is part of the “renewing of the mind” process, from the conformity to Old Man Cosmos Diabolicus thinking to New Man Divine Viewpoint thinking.
  • It is also important to forgive yourself as well as others. (Eph.4:32) “Just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”




Lesson #24

Forgiveness, (02)

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Lesson #25


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