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Study Aids for Lesson #18

This lesson will study three aspects of Undeserved Suffering in the Christian way of life (CWL).

  • There are three categories of suffering in CWL.

    ·////// Self-induced misery (SIM)
    ·////// Divine discipline (D/D)
    ·////// Undeserved Suffering (U/S)
  • Undeserved Suffering is a normal part of the CWL in the devil’s world.
    Therefore every Church Age Believer should learn the doctrine of suffering so that he does not become disillusioned about God and the CWL.
  • Undeserved Suffering allows the spiritually advancing believer to glorify God on behalf of His Son in a unique way today, in the church age.
  • The crown of life will be awarded at the judgment seat of Christ to the Believer who endures Undeserved Suffering



Lesson #18

Suffering, (02)

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Lesson #19


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