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Study Aids for Lesson #17

This lesson will study three aspects of the introduction to SUFFERING. Keep in mind that Phil.1:27-30 is one Greek sentence or one complete thought.

  • Suffering in the world is related to Adam’s original sin (AOS). The phrase “merely the beginning of birth pangs” comes from Adam's Origional Sin (AOS) related to Eve (Matt.24:8; Gen.3:16).
  • Paul used an interesting Greek word for suffering and related it to the Day of Redemption (Rom.8:18-25).
  • Therefore Jesus Christ came into the world to redeem mankind from the hopelessness of the suffering under AOS (1Pet.1:10-12,18-19).
  • In Phil.1:27-30, the Philippian church was experiencing suffering for Christ’s sake like Paul and Silas had suffered 10 years earlier for preaching the gospel to them (Acts 16:19-24) [Jail ministry].



Lesson #17

Suffering, (01)

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