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Study Aids for Lesson #14

In this second lesson on "Positional Truth" we will study five additional aspects of New Covenant Sanctification

  • Positional Truth covers a fourth aspect associated with the theology of new covenant sanctification, Retroactive Positional Truth (RAPT).

  • Sanctification occurs at the moment of Grace Salvation as part of the package of 50 Things that every Church Age Believer receives that he can never lose in time or eternity.

  • Current Positional Truth (CPT) is also a part of Positional Sanctification (Gal.3:27) “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed your selves with Christ.”. CPT teaches that every Church Age Believer is clothed with 20 status privileges, part of the 50 Things received at the moment of grace salvation (in Christ).

  • Experiential Sanctification comes by walking by means of the indwelling Holy Spirit and by means of the faith cycle.

  • Ultimate Sanctification teaches the Church Age Believer that he/she can NEVER be separated from his position “In Christ”.



Lesson #14

Positional Truth, (02)

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Lesson #15


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