A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth

Study Aids for Lesson #12

This lesson will study four aspects to the mechanics of becoming Orientated to Will of God.

  • In (John 4:34), Jesus outlined two important purposes associated with Orientation to the Will of God. The "doing" of the Will of God and the "accomplishing" the Work of God.

  • There are three spheres of “wills” in the world, "God's Will", satan's will" and "human will".

  • There are three classifications of the Will of God in the Christian Way of Life (CWL). The "Directive" will of God, the "Permissive" will of God and the "Over-ruling" will of God

  • There are three functional categories of the Will of God necessary to complete the "directive" Will of God.

  • The "Mental Will" of God, the "Operational" Will of God and the "Geographical" Will of God.



Lesson #12

The Will Of God, (02)

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Lesson #13


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