A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth

Study Aids for Lesson #8

In this study we will cover six aspects of the doctrine of Spirituality vs. Carnality.

  • Paul used a Greek debating technique of rhetorical questions to address the legalistic attack upon spirituality. Spirituality is 100% the ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

  • How does the Church Age Believer receive the indwelling Holy Spirit?

  • A review of Paul’s second question pertaining to spirituality in (Gal.3:3). “Are you so foolish? Having begun by (no 'the') Spirit, are you now being perfected by (no 'the') flesh?”

  • The Church Age Believer is not spiritual by doing religious things or being moral. These are futile works of the flesh trying to perfect the Old Sin Nature.



Lesson #8


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Lesson #9


When you have completed all of the 'primary' lessons within this series there are additional studies available for your review that are related to this specific lesson.

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