A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth

Study Aids for Lesson #1

This lesson will cover a four point Introduction to Teleiology Concept and will explain the importance of attaining spiritual growth maturity in the Christian Way of Life (CWL).

  • Every Church Age Believer (CAB) begins the CWL as a new born baby, a new order of creation in

  • Every newly born spiritual baby needs the milk doctrines of salvation (soteriology) in order to enter into
    spiritual adulthood.

  • Once a believer has grown (from brephos to nepios) by digesting the milk doctrines of soteriology, he enters into the spiritual adult stage of spiritual growth (teknon to teleios).

  • Spiritual adults need meat or solid doctrines in order to reach super grace spiritual maturity.


Lesson #1

Introduction to The Teleiology Concept

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Lesson #2


When you have completed all of the 'primary' lessons within this series there are additional studies available for your review that are related to this specific lesson.

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