A Biblical Concept for Developing Your Spiritual Growth


We have developed this series of 13 biblical studies (32 Lessons in all) with the desire to personally assist you in reaching a level of spiritual maturity. We encourage you to proceed through these 13 studies in the order by which they are presented.

Principle: "Doctrine is built upon Doctrine." and so each study is "built" upon the previous study.



Teleiology is the study of those "meat”doctrines essential for the church age believer to attain a level of spiritual maturity in his or her Christian Walk

It is widely accepted that the process of spiritual growth is a lifelong journey. Determining, within oneself to mature in the Faith in order to become a more effective Ambassador for Christ Jesus is a 'milestone' in that spiritual growth process. Your participation in what is offered on this site is an indicator that you have made that decision. We pray that God, The Holy Spirit will guide your every thought and open your soul to the revelation of His Word.

(Heb.5:14) But solid (stereos) [requires growth development] food (trophe) [nourishment] is for the mature (teleios), who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.”

Principle: "Doctrine is built upon Doctrine."

The thirteen doctrines discussed in this series are

    • The Teleiology Concept
    • Grace Orientation
    • Dispensations
    • Spirituality vs. Carnality
    • Faith
    • The Will of God
    • Positional Truth
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Suffering
    • The Angelic Conflict
    • Forgiveness
    • Transformational Thinking
    • Details of Life

You are free to download, print and share all that you find on the site, we simply ask that you not modify what you take and that you acknowledge the source, Doctrinal Studies Bible Church's School of Biblical Theology.

We also encourage you to access our student services representatives anytime that you have a question or comment. A representative will respond, via email to assist you in every way possible.

NOTE: We recommend that you secure a 3-ring notebook so that you can take your own notes as you participate in each class. Additional studies are available from our database of Biblical studies at



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